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About Heyday Chalet

Why we created Heyday Chalet

The world has changed. Jobs that once had to be done in an office can now be done anywhere in the world. So where would you choose? 

Heyday Chalet founder, Plunkett McCullagh

When I started Heyday Chalet, I wanted to create a place for people to stay and work while enjoying the most incredible surroundings on earth. It had to be a place where world-class skiing, snowboarding and MTB were right outside. Where an incredible day’s walking starts the second you open the door. Where you could go parapenting, hot-air ballooning, climbing or rafting — all before your lunchtime conference call.

In short, I wanted to create a place where people can truly feel alive. Not wasting the best years of our lives on long city commutes.

Even before I discovered coliving, I was always passionate about the possibilities of remote working and travel. I experienced remote working firsthand during my time working in banking in Canada and then at a FinTech start-up in Asia. I loved the idea of like-minded, location independent people living, working and going on adventures together.

Heyday Chalet was born.

I wanted to create a place where anyone can arrive and instantly connect with a ready-made network of intelligent, interesting people who all share a positive view of the world. If you love mountain activities like skiing, snowboarding or MTB, then so much the better.

I’m from Ireland and the name comes from the song “Heyday” by my favourite Irish musician Mic Christopher.

“This is our Heyday baby, don’t be afraid to shout, we can make our heyday last forever, ain’t that what it’s all about…”

Welcome to Heyday Chalet. 

A few little things we're passionate about


Whatever you do, wherever you do it, we want it to be easy for you to do it well.


The quality of your surroundings has a huge influence on the quality of your life.


Use your body in a way that makes you belly laugh and tell tall tales.


The world is so big, you will never cover it in one lifetime. But it's worth a try.


Meet new people, smile a lot and challenge what you think about the world.


Share a meal, share an idea or share a chalet. We both gain when you do.


The day you stop learning is the day life stops being interesting. Every day is a school day.


The perfect job is one that fills us with a sense of mission and purpose.


We're here to make sure that your stay with us is the experience of a lifetime.


Body, mind and everything in between. Everyone has the right to feel great.


Stay creative, whether it's expressing yourself on the slopes or singing in the shower.


Fill your cup, til it overflows. Give the abundance to someone who needs it.

Who is Heyday Chalet for?

Remote workers

You can work anywhere in the world. So where will you choose?

Digital Nomads

A mountain paradise with a plug-and-play work set-up designed for you.


A ready-made network of like-minded people. Share the chalet, share the mountain living.
Find Out More

Ski addicts

On-the-doorstep access to the biggest ski area in the world.

Single Skiers & Snowboarders

Book a single room or share with like-minded solo travellers.

MTB fanatics

A bucket-list destination for anyone who is serious about mountain biking.

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