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There is no better way to bring all your friends and family together this holiday season than with a Catered Chalet Christmas Holiday.

The enchanting town of Morzine, nestled in the heart of the French Alps, is a haven for winter enthusiasts seeking a memorable Christmas experience. Combined with the nearby Avoriaz and the expansive Portes du Soleil ski zone, this region offers an unparalleled blend of adventure, festivities, and delightful gastronomy.

Morzine, Avoriaz, and Portes du Soleil: A Winter Wonderland

Morzine, part of the vast Portes du Soleil ski area, is renowned for its diverse terrain and picturesque alpine setting. Avoriaz, just a stone’s throw away, is a modern, purpose-built resort that seamlessly connects to Morzine, forming one of the world’s largest ski areas.


Skiers and snowboarders alike can revel in the abundance of slopes, from gentle beginner runs to challenging off-piste adventures. The interconnected ski domain ensures that both novices and experts have access to the thrill of the slopes, making it a perfect destination for a magical Christmas getaway.

Alpine Mountains

Christmas Activities in Morzine: Beyond Skiing and Snowboarding

While Morzine is famous for its skiing and snowboarding, it offers much more than just alpine adventures. During the festive season, the town comes alive with an array of Christmas activities to enchant visitors of all ages. Take a charming horse-drawn carriage ride through snow-covered streets adorned with twinkling lights, or wander through the bustling Christmas markets to find unique gifts and enjoy local delicacies.

For a truly festive experience, ice skating in the heart of Morzine is a must. Glide on the ice under the open sky, surrounded by the breathtaking Alpine scenery, and feel the magic of the season.

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Catered Chalet Christmas Holiday: The Epitome of Comfort

To enhance your Christmas experience in Morzine, consider the epitome of comfort and luxury – a catered chalet. Heyday Chalet offers a delightful range of chalets to cater to different group sizes. Whether you’re a small family or a larger group of friends, Heyday Chalet has you covered with their 2, 3, and 7-bedroom chalet options.

One of the exceptional features of a catered chalet with Heyday Chalet is the delectable culinary experience. Begin each day with a delico cooked breakfast, ensuring you’re energized for your day on the slopes. In the evenings, relish gourmet local cuisine in a three-course meal, carefully crafted to tantalize your taste buds. The culinary journey celebrates the flavors of the region, offering an authentic Alpine dining experience.


French Onion soup

A Festive Feast: Christmas Day with Heyday Chalet

On the most magical day of the year, Christmas day, Heyday Chalet pulls out all the stops to make it truly memorable. A special Christmas menu is curated to elevate your festive dining experience, allowing you to savor the holiday spirit through the joys of gastronomy. Gather around with loved ones, revel in the cozy ambiance of your chalet, and let the flavors of Christmas ignite your senses.

In conclusion, spending Christmas in a catered chalet in Morzine is a magical adventure, blending exhilarating winter sports with festive cheer and tantalizing gastronomy. Heyday Chalet’s tailored options ensure a perfect fit for any group, promising an unforgettable Christmas surrounded by the beauty of the French Alps. Embrace the wonders of this season in a way that only Morzine can offer. Happy holidays!

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Plunkett McCullagh

Founder - Heyday Chalet