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    Getting to Morzine

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      Situated just over an hour from Geneva airport and the main transport routes that converge there, Morzine is easily accessible throughout most of the year. Use this page to weigh up all the options for your journey to Heyday Chalet.

      Get To Heyday Chalet

      Flying to Morzine

      By Plane

      Situated just over an hour from Geneva airport and the main transport routes that converge there, Morzine is easily accessible throughout most of the year. Use this page to weigh up all the options for your journey to Heyday Chalet.


      On arrival at Geneva Airport, you’ll find numerous transfer companies that service Morzine. It’s well worth booking a transfer as soon as you know your arrival time, as most will be booked out during the winter season. You can book a private or shared transfer, and most companies will take your snow gear onboard for free. The average price of a shared transfer from Geneva to Morzine is €40 per person. You can also make arrangements with the same transfer company to pick you up for your return journey to Geneva Airport.


      Airport;Driving Distance from Morzine;
      Geneva Airport (GVA)(1hr 20 mins)
      Grenoble Airport (GNB)(1 hr 40 mins)
      Lyon Airport (LYS)(2 hrs 20 mins)
      Chambéry Airport (CMF)(2 hrs 20 mins)
      Driving to Morzine

      By Car

      Driving to Morzine is an attractive option for those looking to arrive with extra-bulky computer and/or sports equipment. If you’re driving from the UK to Morzine, you can take the EuroTunnel (Folkestone in the UK to Calais in France), which takes 35 minutes. Fares start at £85 per car, each way.

      Another option, if you don’t have your own car, is the website BlaBlaCar; a French ride-sharing platform that allows you to carpool with people near you who are driving between cities and have space available. BlaBlaCar operates across 22 countries, has 90 million members and all their driver’s IDs are checked and verified.


      If you can take the ferry (Dover or Folkestone in the UK, to Calais in France). Fares start at £50 per car, each way. Booking well in advance is advisable.

      Once you reach Calais, it about a nine-hour drive south to Morzine, around 820 km. All that’s stopping you now is the tolls. Passing every toll, from Calais to Morzine, will come to a total of around €75. The speed limit on the majority of roads is 130 kph, so covering ground isn’t much of an issue. But be warned, the local gendarmes’ handout speeding fines that must be paid in cash… on the spot!

      The most direct route from Calais to Morzine is along the motorways of the A26, A5, A31, A39 and A40. Make sure you’re getting enough caffeine and/or sleep on the way through, the French motorways, like most motorways, can get pretty monotonous, and dozing off is not unheard of. Picking up an ATMB toll beeper is well worth the purchase, cutting down on time spent queueing at the tolls and searching around for loose change. Make a note to fill up the car once you’re in France, petrol and diesel here will cost a bit less here than in the UK. It’s worth topping up again once you reach Dijon, as petrol stations start to get a little more sparse from there on. Another thing worth remembering is that it is against the law to drive on French motorways without an AA Motorist’s Pack; warning triangle, hi-vis jacket, breathalyser kit, spare bulbs and highlight adapters. You’ll also need snow chains for your tires, especially in February. It’s best to pick these up in the UK as they can be quite pricey in France.

      These will come in handy once you come off the motorway, around Contamine-sur-Arve. From here, you’ll have another 45 km until you reach Morzine, about an hours’ drive. The roads are windy in places and even though there are snow clearers running up and down the roads daily during the ski season, they can be a touch tricky to navigate.

      By Train

      Travelling by rail is yet another option for getting to Morzine.


      From London, you can catch the Eurostar high-speed train to Paris. This will cost around £50 one-way and takes around 2 hours 30 minutes. From Paris, you can take a high-speed TGV train to either Cluses, starting at €39 and is 35 minutes from Morzine by car. Or, to Thonon-les-Bain, starting at €25 and is 40 minutes from Morzine by car.

      You can organise a transfer from both of these locations to Morzine, expect to pay between €35 and €45, or you can take the bus. Travelling from these locations to Morzine by bus will cost about €7 and takes 50 minutes.

      The Eurostar allows each passenger to bring one pair of skis or one snowboard with them for free. This is included with their standard two-bag luggage allowance. You can also bring a pair of skis or a snowboard for free on the French TGV trains.

      Taking a bus from the UK to Morzine

      By Bus

      Another option to get to Morzine from the UK is to hop on a bus.

      London to Morzine

      With a bit of shopping around, this is probably the most cost-efficient way of travelling. It can take about 20 hours, from London, to reach Morzine by bus. Unless you’re one of those people that can sleep anywhere, after this bus ride the first thing people do, once they hit Morzine, is find their bed and rest up. Planning to get on the slopes as soon as you jump off the bus is a no-no, tired muscle and a tired mind is never a good combo on the pistes. You might be OK if you have youth on your side but, for those of us over 30, it never ends well!

      Coach companies such as FlixBusEurolinesBlaBlaBus and RegioJet operate from most large European cities and connect with Geneva, Grenoble and Lyon. From there you can get another bus to Cluses or Thonon-les-Bain. And then a taxi or transfer to Morzine. You can also take a taxi or transfer straight to Morzine from Geneva, Grenoble or Lyon; but this will cost considerably more than the bus and then transfer option.

      During the winter, Snow Express operates a service from London Victoria Coach Station direct to Cluses. Prices start at £65 and they leave the UK once a week, on a Friday evening and return on a Saturday evening. Again, from Cluses you’ll have to take a bus or use a transfer service to get to Morzine.

      Airport Transfers; Frequently Asked Questions

      The most common way of getting to Morzine, once you’ve landed at the airport, is to take a transfer to the resort. This will take, on average, an hour and 30 minutes from Geneva Airport. Although, on heavy snow days and peak weeks (Christmas, New Year, Mid-Term and Easter) it can be a little longer.

      No matter what time of the year you’re planning to arrive, it is always advisable to book your transfer to resort as soon as you know what time you’ll be landing at the airport. There are a good number of transfer companies operating from Geneva and other airports close to Morzine. Geneva, being the closest airport to Morzine, will be the cheapest. Most transfer companies offer roughly the same service and price, but it is worth shopping around online a bit first. Most will allow you to bring your ski gear on-board with you, but you should always let them know in advance what you are planning to carry.

      A shared transfer is one where you will be joined by other people or groups. The transfer company will fill one of their mini-buses (usually eight people plus the driver) with passengers who arrive at the airport around the same time, usually an hour apart. This can mean that if you land first in this group, you could be waiting up to an hour before your mini-bus is full and can set off.

      A shared tour will also be making multiple stops, to drop people off at different accommodations, so, again worst-case scenario, should you be the last to be dropped off, you’ll be waiting a bit longer to get to your place. For these reasons, the shared transfer option tends to be a bit cheaper than the private option.

      A private transfer means the vehicle you’ve booked will be exclusively for you and your group. This means that once you land at the airport, you can hop into your transfer and off you go. No waiting around in the airport and no stopping off at multiple accommodations. The private transfer is more expensive than the shared option and can be much more hassle-free.

      A private transfer can be well worth it with a large group (6 to 8 people) but if you’re travelling solo or with 2 to 4 more people, the best option is to join a shared transfer. Most companies will have a flat rate for the private use of their mini-buses. Sometimes the difference between travelling in one on your own or having it full can be as little as €10 (€200 for 1 passenger, €210 for eight passengers). Travelling solo means it’s definitely worth taking a shared option (or finding seven people to join you on a private transfer).

      A one-way shared transfer from Geneva Airport to Morzine will cost around €30. While booking a private transfer will cost in the region of €200. You can expect the price of a transfer, shared or private, to increase during peak-weeks.

      Here’s an rough example of how the pricing system works:



      PassengersShared TransferPrivate Transfer
      1 Person€40€200
      2 People€80€200
      3 People€120€200
      4 People€150€200
      5 People€165€210
      6 People€180€210
      7 People€190€210
      8 People€205€210


      If you’re travelling in a group of nine or more people, it’s usually worth booking a private transfer for eight of you and have the remainder book a shared transfer. For example, if there are 10 in your group, eight fill a private transfer and the remaining two, usually after drawing the shortest straws, take a shared transfer.

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