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What is digital nomad coliving?

A first-timer's guide to the location-independent lifestyle

You have probably seen the words ‘digital nomad‘ and ‘coliving’ dotted around our website, and the terms may sound familiar from other things you have read. But what do they really mean? And what should you know about digital nomad coliving before booking your stay at Heyday Chalet?

Well, there are lots of different types of coliving and you’ll likely have a slightly different experience of it wherever you go. But, in most cases, the fundamentals are the same. Let’s take a look at the essential elements that make digital nomad coliving what it is. 

Coliving at Heyday Chalet

In one sentence

In a nutshell, coliving means sharing your accommodation, its social spaces and (often) a work environment with other people who have a similar outlook to yourself. This can be a short-term or long-term arrangement, at home or abroad. Okay, we lied about it being one sentence.

Why 'digital nomad' coliving?

Coliving is most common in hip, major cities where property prices make it unaffordable for most people to live where the action is going on. Renting a small space in coliving accommodation gives you a cool community in a sought-after location at an affordable price. Digital nomad coliving is much the same but it might not be in a major city and it tends to involve foreign travel. Digital nomads travel the world while working online. Coliving accommodation works well for them because it provides affordable prices, regular social opportunities and rock-steady internet. 

Location, location, location

Something which most coliving spaces have in common is a desirable (and therefore pricey) location. This is true in big cities like London, New York and Berlin. For digital nomads, it’s also true in more touristy destinations like Bali, The Mediterranean or — well, The French Alps. The desirability of the location draws a crowd. Coliving turns that crowd into a community. 

Community Living

‘Coliving’ is short for community living. So perhaps the most essential ingredient for any coliving space is a community of like-minded people. In any coliving place, communal areas like dining spaces, lounges and kitchens will usually be set up to make social interaction as easy and natural as possible.

In most cases, the hosts will organise community events to give people a chance to meet and mingle. This could be anything from a weekend BBQ to a daily yoga class. The idea is to give people the opportunity to socialise if they want to. 

Coliving with added yoga in Morzine

Does coliving involve actually 'living' together?

Coliving spaces are not usually intended for long-term residence. At Heyday Chalet, most people stay for a few days or a few weeks — enjoying the mountain lifestyle for a while before moving on to another exciting destination. But some big-city coliving places now offer a fixed address for people who want to commit to a longer-term letting. Sort of like up-market student ‘halls’, only for grown-ups. If you live in a major city and you enjoy the convenience of the coliving way of life, it makes total sense. 

Simplicity and minimalism

Whether they’re in a major metropolis or a far-flung tourist town, one thing that most colivers have in common is their ability to pack light. Both literally and metaphysically, those who are drawn to coliving tend to find minimalism appealing. This is a philosophy that goes far beyond how many spare sets of underwear you really need. For example, lots of people are drawn to long-term coliving in big cities because it means you have just one, simple bill each month. The minimalistic outlook is one that pervades many aspects of the coliving lifestyle. 

Coliving in Morzine

Remote work

Something which almost all colivers have in common is their ability to work remotely. In fact, it is rare to find a coliving spaces which do not have well-equipped work areas at the top of their facilities list. For digital nomads and almost all other coliving aficionados, the ability to work productively on the go is a must.

This inevitably leads to a slight tech bias in the coliving community, with entrepreneurs, web developers and graphic designers being well represented wherever you go. But tech junkies certainly aren’t the only ones looking to explore the world and meet cool people while working remotely. Chilling on the sun terrace, you are as likely to be sitting with an Etsy seller or an accountant as you are a tech entrepreneur.

If you love life and you can work on a laptop, digital nomad coliving is for you.