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    Who are Heyday Stays for?

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      A glance at who you might meet during your time with us

      Established in the bucket-list destination of Morzine, Heyday Chalet attracts a wide range of people from all different walks of life. For some, it’s their first time working abroad. For others, it’s a well-established way of life. The two things that unify our whole community are an open-minded outlook and a love of the great outdoors.

      If you’re looking for a more ‘traditional’ chalet holiday, our Exclusive Accommodation Package is available for private, self-catered bookings throughout the year, with fixed arrival and departure dates. 

      Coliving in Morzine

      Digital nomads

      For some people, working while you travel was an obvious lifestyle choice well before Covid had us all taking Zoom calls from the kitchen table. For many it’s a dream, for some, it’s a reality. Travelling the world, doing a job you love, always on your own terms.

      As a digital nomad, all you need is somewhere quiet with a lightning internet connection and you’re good to go. Here at Heyday Chalet, we’re happy to offer a lot more than that. But, when you stay with Heyday Chalet for the first time, you’re quite likely to meet some web developers, graphic designers and other digital entrepreneurs. They’re a big part of every coliving community, and we’re no exception.

      Remote workers

      The world has changed. Jobs that once required people to sit year-round at the same desk in head office can now be done anywhere in the world. You just need a solid internet connection. The range of people who now enjoy this flexibility is massive. From customer support roles and telesales to lawyers and accountants, remote working abroad is a great option for a huge number of full- and part-time employees.

      Post-Covid, one thing is pretty clear: it will be very difficult for large companies to tell their staff that working from home is not possible; that tortuous commutes are essential, or that big-city rent payments are a fact of life.

      Those days are over.

      This is a big change for lots of people. But among many other things, it means that ‘location-independent’ lifestyles are no longer the preserve of digital nomads tech entrepreneurs. If you can work remotely, you can work anywhere. We just happen to think Heyday Chalet is the best. 

      The Coliving Community

      For some, coliving is not so much a practical convenience, more a philosophy or a way of life. Crucially, it’s a lifestyle built on human connections and community.

      Our societies are more densely populated than ever before, and we have never spent more time communicating. We’ve also never been more lonely.

      recent Cigna study found that 71% of millennials (aged 27-42) reported that they were lonely. It’s a shocking statistic and vastly worse than was the case for previous generations. Our cities may be piled high with people who count their Facebook friends in the hundreds, but we’ve never been more disconnected.

      Our guests come to places like Heyday Chalet because they know they will meet interesting and adventurous people. In coliving spaces like ours, you can instantly connect with a ready-made network of outward-looking, self-motivated people who love life and the great outdoors. What’s not to love about that? 

      Woman hiking in Morzine

      Backpackers & solo travellers

      You don’t have to bring a laptop to belong at Heyday Chalet. In fact, we get a lot more questions about Morzine’s outdoor activities than we do about our current broadband speeds.

      With skiing and snowboarding, MTB, road cycling, rafting, hiking and many other outdoor pursuits right on our doorstep, this is a bucket-list destination for anyone who loves the great outdoors. The problem is: how do you take full advantage of all these activities when all the local accommodation is built and priced for week-long catered holidays?

      Meet Heyday Chalet.

      Most people who stay with us are not here for a traditional ‘holiday’, where seven nights of downtime are book-ended stressful days at work and a dash to the airport. There’s nothing wrong with those kinds of holidays, and we’ve enjoyed plenty of them ourselves. But it’s not what usually brings people to Heyday Chalet.

      Instead, our guests tend to be on an adventure. Not just for a week — for life.

      Heyday Chalet is perfect for adventurous people like this. It’s not just that you get to meet other outward-looking people here, though that certainly is a factor. It’s also the flexibility that we offer in terms of stay durations, room types and configurations, affordability and the mix of work and play facilities.

      Everything at Heyday Chalet has been built with explorers in mind, and you’ll meet many of them in our community. 

      Ski & snowboard fanatics

      Ski & snowboard fanatics

      Situated in the heart of the Portes du Soleil ski area, our local resort of Morzine is a firm fixture at the top of any serious skier’s bucket list. The largest ski area in Europe, Les Portes du Soleil comprises 12 separate ski resorts, all interconnected by a massive 650km of piste!

      Huge, right? We’re not done.

      Straddling the French-Swiss border, this colossal ski area boasts an impressive 197 ski lifts and no fewer than 10 snowparks. And Heyday Chalet is slap-bang in the middle of it all. Pretty cool.

      During the winter months, pretty much everyone at Heyday Chalet is here for the skiing and snowboarding. We give our guests the opportunity to stay for longer, spending less money and enjoying the peace of mind that, when they have to work, they can be just as productive as they would be back home.

      Questions? See our Morzine ski and snowboard guide… 

      Solo Skiers

      You can hang out with like-minded skiers, shoot the breeze on the porch, or just chill on your own. You can even get your head down on some work in between trips to the slopes, our solo ski holidays are tailored to suit your needs, not the other way around. Make your stay as sociable, or not, as you like. This is “me-time”, on a whole new level. 

      MTB aficionados

      MTB aficionados

      With 28 well-maintained downhill trails served by four high-speed lifts, Morzine is widely considered to be Europe’s #1 MTB destination. Add to this the easy access it offers to the many other MTB holy sites dotted across the Portes du Soleil, and you have a truly unbeatable location for any serious rider.

      Morzine is known for its world-class downhill (DH) riding (for intermediate and advanced riders, it truly is exceptional). But the cross-country (XC) is also very good, serving all abilities from first-timers to veterans.

      When it comes to enduro, the options are limitless. But a reasonable level of fitness will be required for those who choose to swap the convenience of the ski lifts for the hard-earned rewards of pedal power.

      Back at Chalet Flori, we have three garages for bike storage, maintenance and cleaning. The village centre and main lifts are three minutes of easy free-wheeling away.

      So, if there’s no snow outside, you should expect to see plenty of MTB enthusiasts during your time with Heyday Chalet. For more information, we have a Morzine MTB guide page…

      Hardcore road bikers

      The French Alps. When it comes to road cycling, this is a destination that sells itself. With an enticing to-do list of challenging climbs and cols right on our doorstep, Heyday Chalet is an obvious stopping point for road cyclists looking to recreate the magic of Le Tour.

      The climbs in this area are typically around 7-10 km in length. Gradients of 6-8% are pretty standard here, so a good level of fitness and climbing experience will be called for, even if anything above 12% is rare.

      Check out our Morzine road cycling guide here…

      Corporate community

      Corporate community

      With so many people working remotely over the past view years, there’s never been a better time to get everyone together and enjoy some much needed face-to-face time.

      The optimum work environment, and the calming atmosphere of the French Alps makes Heyday Chalet the ideal base for a corporate retreat. Whether you’re looking to reward your team with an an incentive ski holiday, or you want to get everyone together for a corporate retreat, Morzine should be a destination at the top of your list.

      Check out our Morzine road cycling guide here… 

      Shift workers & contractors

      Shift workers & contractors

      It can be tough and it’s not for everyone, but working on an oil rig or contracting overseas come with two big perks. Risk money and time off.

      If your annual leave tends to come in big chunks of several weeks, how better to spend it than doing what you love? And if that involves getting outdoors and breathing in the mountain air, then there is no better place than Heyday Chalet.

      Well-travelled, interesting people who have seen it all, overseas contractors are a good fit for our community, where broad minds and broad horizons are always welcome.

      Holiday extenders

      Holiday extenders

      A sure sign of a good holiday is that you just don’t want to go home. But what if you don’t have to? If you have booked a ski holiday with a group of friends, you don’t have to go home just because they do.

      If you’d like to extend your ski holiday for a few days, Heyday Chalet offers a social place to do just that. Ski when you can, work when you must, and spend your evenings with fun, interesting people just like you.

      As you can see from this article, you’ll meet a wide range of people from all different walks of life. Where will the adventure take you?