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Organizing an (alpine) corporate retreat is a sure fire way to boost productivity and make your organisation a more fun place to work. In the new world of remote and hybrid work, the truth is simple: when your team meets, and spend quality time together they are able to connect in a deeper and more valuable way. This connection strengthens relationships within a team, improves communication and boosts innovation.

Supercharge Company Culture

Firstly, laughing together creates a great shared experience and strengthens bonds within a team.

Spending time together gives you a great opportunity to really celebrate your wins as a team. If you have new members in your team or if you are hiring soon, a company retreat is a great way to integrate them into the team.

First impressions really matter, onboarding via zoom can be a lonely journey. Having fun together in a beautiful setting is the perfect introduction to what we hope will be a long and valuable working relationship.

Take a Strategic View

Rising above the day to day operations of your organisation allows you make informed decisions about the best direction to work towards. With a calm mind you can chart the best path forward. You will be harvesting the fruits of these strategic decisions for years to come.

Team of Leaders

Too often the leadership teams get stuck in the weeds, jumping from issue to issue fighting fires. This leaves no room for blue sky thinking. Too often we focus on what is urgent and not what is important. A trip away with just the leadership team acts as a reminder that, despite leading separate teams, that you are a team too. It’s you job as a team to focus on what is best for the organisation.

Ideate and Innovate

Stepping away from daily routines and engaging in a different environment can stimulate creativity and foster innovation. A corporate retreat allows participants to explore new perspectives, generate fresh ideas, and encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

Are you developing the very first product prototype or building out a detailed product roadmap for the coming periods? Bringing everyone together in a room is a sure way to get the creative juices flowing.

Don’t just take it from us, we value expert opinions and we learned from the best. Check out what our partners over at Surf Office have to say about it and hear about some of the success stories they have had so far!

In conclusion… what are you waiting for, get in touch today via our contact form to book your alpine corporate retreat!

Plunkett McCullagh

Founder - Heyday Chalet